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Soviet Spyplanes of the Cold War by Yefim Gordon


Paperback, 96 Pages
ISBN 9781781592854
Published November 2013 in English

'Spy in the Sky' matters have long been a source of interest and fascination for aircraft enthusiasts, historians and modellers and none more so than the elusive secretive Soviet types of the Cold War era. Yefim Gordon presents us here with a range of such types, presenting a collection of photographs, profiles and line drawings together with supplementary

text detailing the history of each craft expressing the various developmental milestone and pitfalls experienced along the way. The Soviet Union's two dedicated spyplane types, the Yakovlev Yak-25Rv 'Mandrake' (Soviet equivalent of the Lockheed U2) and MiG-25R 'Foxbat' are profiled, supplemented by details garnered from a host of original  sources.              



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