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Russian Gunship Helicopters by Yefim Gordon

Russian Gunship Helicopters Paperpack 96 Pages ISBN 9781781592823 Published: Nov 2013   in English

This book deals primarily with the three principal attack helicopter types of the present-day Russian Army. The MI-24 'Hind' - otherwise known as the "Flying Crocodile" - has been produced in large numbers with many versions and variants produced. It has been supplied to a host of countries and seen considerable combat action conflicts both in the Soviet Union and abroad.

It still forms the backbone of army aviation in Russia and remains at the forefront of national exposure. The MI-28 is a more contemporary type and is broadly the equivalent of the McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache. The Kamov Ka-52 'Alligator' - NATO-Name 'Hokum-B' - also features. This helicopter is in service with the Army and is entering service also with the Russian Navy.


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